Everyone has spoken on behalf of the family, now I will speak on behalf of the friends.

I don’t see the world as many of you do, so how does someone like me come to grips with something like this? I remember when we were little we used to play under the sour apple tree- the apples were terrible. I remember that Sam and Jonathan fought so much… We grew up together… I can tell you now, whenever my brothers or my friends and I play computer games together I will remember Sam… When I heard that Sam and I had been killed the first thing I could think of was a forest fire. When a forest burns down and all of the smoke and flames have gone- and for all that you can see from eye to eye is burnt ash, cinder, and death and all you can ask is, “how could anything good come from this?”

But the truth is that life returns and the trees grow back and life goes on. Because of this the Eisen, the Krengel, the Hendler, the Dorfzaun, and many other families have come closer because we all share one bond—we all knew Sam.

Sleep well Sam.